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What can buyers expect to find when shopping at an American Homestead Foods Certified Family Farm? Each grower is an independent family farm producing food and fiber products for sale directly to the consumer.

These family farms may use a variety of methods to produce quality products, to minimize environmental issues, and to ensure their economic viability. Buyers wishing to ensure a certain method of production are encouraged to discuss this with the producer.

Family farms have been the backbone of national economies throughout history. Today a family farm may consist of a few acres to several thousand acres. The size of a farm does not automatically qualify it as a corporate farm as many midwestern grain farms and some western produce farms are hundreds or thousands of acres, but owned and operated by a farming family.

We are here to help you locate farms near you who can supply your fresh produce, fruits, meats, dairy, and ornamental needs. If you do not find a supplier near you, please contact us and we will help you to locate a producer who may supply your needs.

Rick Hopkins - President - American Pasturage, Inc.


Choose a family farm now!

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