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Your neighbors are looking for you!

Family Farms often have difficulty finding buyers for produce, meats, poultry, eggs, dairy, and fruit products. The American Homestead Foods Family Farm Project offers a way for family farms who do not have Internet access an easy and economic way to advertise.

Today's shoppers seek much of their information on the Internet. They look for consumer related information, sources of products, references, and recommendations. Our American Pasturage web site draws more local business than it does nationwide business. This indicates that your neighbors are looking for you on the Internet.

Rick Hopkins, President of American Pasturage, is devoted to helping American family farms in their quest for sustainability. Being sustainable not only involves preservation of precious resources, but for a family farm it means economic sustenance.

We are offering a way for family farms to be better connected to consumers. We have started updating a listing of items requested by consumers.

As an American Homestead Foods Family Farm subscriber, you can advertise your family farm and your products to thousands of consumers for a one time fee of $30.00. This cost covers the sign, postage, and telephone costs. You will receive a metal sign identifying your family farm as an American Homestead Foods Family Farm Certified Member. This sign will measure approximately 18 x 24" and bear the orange star trademark of the program. Hang this sign near your farm gate or at your farmers' market booth. This will also help to promote the program to the consumers. Application is easy. Join now!

Support for the American Family Farms Project is growing. We have been contacted by foundations, Universities, and organizations that have interest in sustainable agriculture. Sustainable agriculture is defined as being environmentally friendly, economically viable, and provides for a quality of life for family farmers. Consumers and family farms both benefit from this program.

As family farm members you will help us to identify pockets or regions where consumers can find American Homestead Foods Family Farms. We will begin to market our program to the public at large as these areas become evident.

American Pasturage, Inc. is providing the web service for the American Homestead Foods Family Farm Certification Program and will administrate the program in its entirety. Should you have any questions regarding this program, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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