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The American Homestead Foods Family Farm Project
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American Homestead Foods Family Farm Project

  • Assurance to Consumers That They are PurchasingTheir Food From a Family Farm*
  • Positive Identification to Your Customers
  • Exclusive Internet Listing With No Annual Fees

The American Homestead Foods Project was developed by a family farmer to help to bring family farmers and consumers face to face. This project provides a family farmer an inexpensive way to advertise through an Internet web site without having to own or know how to use a computer.

Many of today’s consumers are concerned about the safety, quality, freshness, and healthfulness of the foods they purchase. They are also doing more of their shopping and information gathering on the Internet. Shoppers are seeking locally produced food that they can receive some confidence as to the source and methods of production and so that they may play their part in preserving rural America.

Consumers are also increasingly aware of the many environmental issues surrounding agriculture. It has become clear to them that family farmers are good stewards of the land and that to preserve our agricultural resources family farms must also be preserved.

The American Homestead Foods Family Farm Project provides family farmers with a way to identify their farms or farmers market booths with the easily recognized certifying orange star and to be located by today’s discriminating shoppers.

The American Homestead Foods Project has been made possible in cooperation with American Pasturage, Inc. who has provided the funding for the web interface. American Pasturage is a retail marketing agent for family farm raised Pasture Purefect Beef, Elysian Veal, and pastured lamb.

The cost of this program is a one time fee of $30.00. You will receive a metal sign emblazened with the orange certification star and a listing on the American Homestead Foods Certified producer web site.

The website (Sample) will provide you with an opportunity to list your products, hours of operation, contact information, location, and market affiliations. Changes to your listing can be made by contacting:

Rick Hopkins at

American Pasturage, Inc.
P.O. Box 190
Marionville, MO 65705
(417) 258-2394

* An American Homestead Family Farm is a farm whose principle operator is a resident of the farm and from which a portion of the farm income is derived from sales directly to consumers.


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